About FullOut

Maria Fearnall – Owner

Hey world! My name’s Maria and I am the founder and creative brains behind Full-Out! I’ve been in the cheerleading industry since 2001 as an athlete, coach and now graphic designer. I got involved in cheerleading by total accident! A friend of mine wanted support at a high school tryout, so I attended with her, not knowing what I was getting into. We found out the next week that I made the team and she didn’t, LOL! Little did I know, that accidental tryout turned into my life. I was a competitive cheerleader for 11 years, throughout high school, college and all star.

I competed at Worlds twice (2011 and 2012), making finals both times and retired in 2012 as a Cheer Sport Grey Reef Shark. I’ve been coaching for 10 + years, 7 of those years to present have been at my home, Cheer Sport Sharks. I studied Graphic Design and Marketing at Fanshawe College for three years, where my love of cheerleading and graphic design would slowly collide. Just after graduation I had my wisdom teeth removed, just wait, there’s a point to this. A friend of mine had texted me saying “these people who run a cheer company need a poster done and are willing to pay”. Wisdom teeth out, feeling like garbage, I obviously said I would do it. Those “people” were Lisa and Kenny, who own Spring Tumbling. From one poster, that has now lead me to a million new opportunities and eventually Full-Out was born. After 4 years in the corporate world, I (as well as everyone around me) knew it was time to make Full-Out my full time career. With great support from Ali and Lan (owners of Cheer Sport Sharks), Lisa and Kenny, as well as friends, family and many coaches in the industry, I took the “jump” and made cheerleading my life. 3 years later, 170 clients, 6 countries around the world, it’s easy to say I made the best decision in my life and to say I’m thankful for what has become a successful business is an understatement. The statement “you can do anything if you put your mind to it” is the truest statement out there and I encourage EVERYONE to go after what they want. Strong work ethic, motivation and a vision will get you anywhere.

Cheers to what’s next!